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33 years experience in Accounting, Financial Services, and Taxation specializing in small business startup and

day-to-day accounting operations. • Licensed Securities Broker - State of michigan (Series 7 and 63)

Certified Financial Planner • Tax and Accounting Services for all Businesses

Unless you are an accounting firm, why would you want to spend your time agonizing over financial projections, bookkeeping, and taxation laws and forms? Chances are, you should be focusing on more important things, like sales and marketing, manufacturing, or customer service.

At Pevos and Associates Inc. we believe that each client is unique and has special needs. Therefore, we don’t offer a one-size fits all service program. We work with you to find the right mixture of services and support to help you achieve your goals without having to spin your wheels on the day-to-day accounting duties associated with running a business.

In addition, with a power of attorney, we can assist businesses and individuals in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Michigan in the event of an audit.

Whether you want to outsource your entire accounting and finance operation, or just a portion of it, we can help.

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